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Product facts

TYROLIT life Abrasive Fabric is an effective aid for household, hobby and home improvement. It removes coarse dirt, incrustations or residues very effectively and is suitable for roughening surfaces. Due to its shape, it can be used flexibly and cut as required. The abrasive grain is not only attached to the surface, but is continuously injected into the tissue. This makes the fleece very durable and effective.

  • 2 pieces Abrasive fabric 150x110mm
  • Grain size 120
  • Rust removal, cleaning and roughening different surfaces
  • Can be used dry and wet
  • Reusable until it reaches its contamination limit

Care of the knife sharpener

The handcrafted segments of our knife sharpener are very durable. Nevertheless, signs of wear can occur after frequent use. The segments can be roughened again with the TYROLIT life abrasive fabric so that they achieve the desired effect again.
Application area

Application area

  • Removing rust
    Toboggan runners, ski and snowboard edges, ice skates, tools, garden shears, garden tools
  • Cleaning
    Uncoated grills made of stainless steel or cast iron, uncoated cookware, ceramic
  • Roughening
    Wood, plastics, paints, metals


VAT incl.

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