Nail files
Nail files


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Product facts

Would you present a torn or frayed business card at a meeting? No, of course not – because the first impression counts. When you greet someone with a handshake, your hand is your calling card. It is not surprising that there are various myths about our hands in every culture. Apart from our faces, the hands are the only part of our body that is always visible when we are not wearing gloves.

  • Two different grits for a clean result
  • High longevity
  • Elegant and practical case
  • Artificial leather grip

Save yourself the way to manicure

Well-groomed men's and women’s hands are not only beautiful to look at, but also a matter of performance. So that you can take care of it yourself at any time, TYROLIT life offers two ceramic nail files in an elegant and practical case. Save yourself the effort of an elaborate manicure and lend yourself a hand.

The application

Two files with different grit sizes ensure perfectly nails. The somewhat coarser black file is ideally suited for shortening and shaping the nail and the white file enables smoothing and sealing afterwards due to the fine surface. Ceramic files have excellent hygienic properties, are easy to clean and impress with their high durability.


VAT incl.

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