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Product facts

No more black stripes on white rubber soles. No more amateurish masking with correction fluid after you have streaked the wall with a hammer while hanging the picture. Cleaning, deburring, rust removal – the Tyfix is a flexible aid for everyday life and is particularly impressive due to its versatile functionality. Whether stains on walls, rust on ski and snowboard edges or tool cleaning – Tyfix abrasive cleaner ensures optimal results in every case.

  • Two abrasive cleaners enable precise application
  • Versatile use
  • Free from harmful ingredients
  • Simple and practical use

Double effect

Two grinding cleaners mixed with precision abrasive grain achieve the best results when used correctly. Depending on the surface and application, you can simply choose the appropriate grinding cleaner. The black coarse abrasive cleaner is better for coarser work and accordingly removes more material. The gray fine abrasive cleaner is more suitable for finer tasks and subsequent cleaning.
Application area

Application area

  • Removal of dirt, incrustations and residues
    Removal of dirt, incrustations and residues of all kinds. Cooking pots, uncoated pots and pans, cooking grates, wall surfaces, tiles, tile joints, stone floors
  • Textile and shoe care
    Roughening and removing dirt on suede textiles, suede shoes, sneakers and shoe soles
  • Removal of plastic and metal debris
    Wall and floor surfaces
  • Removal of soot, weathering residues and rubber debris
    On hard surfaces
  • Removing rust
    Steel objects e.g. tools, garden shears, toboggan skates, ice skates, ski edges, grill grate
  • Grinding, pretreatment or roughening
    Metals, woods, paints, varnishes, rubber, stone
  • Cleaning
    Removal of residues such as silicone, glue, PU foam and paint splashes on hard surfaces
  • Deburring
    Cut surfaces on wood, plastic, metal


VAT incl.

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