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Pizza stone FLEX


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Product facts

The 3-piece TYROLIT life pizza stone made of high-quality cordierite guarantees delicious pizzas with a crispy base and Italian-like taste. It is also ideal for baking bread or other pastries.  The waffle structure on the underside provides improved heat absorption and ensures that the stone is heated more quickly and efficiently.  Due to the stored heat, the dough bakes in a few minutes. The stone evenly transfers the temperature to the baked goods and absorbs excess moisture. In addition, the short baking time ensures that the flavors are not overcooked.

The result is a wonderfully crispy crust with juicy toppings.

  • 3-Piece pizza stone for flexible use
  • 330x10mm
  • Made from 100% high quality, food-safe cordierite
  • Waffle structure for improved heat absorption and storage
  • The enclosed pizza shovel and grill glove make handling of baked goods easier
  • Suitable for the oven and closed charcoal and gas grill

The variable pizza stone

The 3-part pizza stone can be put together as required and enables space-saving and effective use. Whether for individual baguettes, calzones, small baked goods or whole pizzas - the three pieces can be varied depending on the desired baked goods or available space on the grill. The puzzle connection prevents the parts from slipping apart.


In addition to the pizza shovel included in the scope of delivery, there is a high-quality barbecue glove worth € 9.90 as an introductory offer for each pizza stone. While stocks last!

The application

Prior to initial use, clean the stone using hot water and allow to dry. When starting the heating process, pre-heat the pizza stone (with waffle structure facing down) on the grill or in the oven for approx. 30 minutes (grill: 300°C with lid closed, oven: 240°C). Dust the pizza shovel with plenty of flour, place the items on the stone and bake asrequired. Remove the baked items from the stone using the pizza shovel.


VAT incl.

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