Combi stone


VAT incl.

Product facts

Whether for large meat or small vegetable knives, paring knives with a curved blade, cheese or cradle knives – the TYROLIT life combination stone made of ceramic makes your blades sharp again.

The combination segment is also a regular part of the compact knife sharpener

  • 100% handmade ceramic combination stone in Tirol
  • 2 different grits (400/800) ensure perfect sharpness
  • An abrasive fabric for maintaining the stone is Included in the scope of delivery.

The application

For an optimal sharpening result, pull the blade at a 15° angle over the respective sharpening segment. Make sure that the blade makes even contact and apply only gentle pressure. Pull the knife over the coarse, darker segment for pre-sharpening and over the fine, lighter segment for fine-sharpening. The frequency of the grinding movement depends on the desired degree of sharpness.

Care of the combi stone

For cleaning and maintaining the sharpening stone’s properties, we recommend using the abrasive fabric included. Here, the fleece is guided under slightly flowing water with circular movements over the combination segment until the surface feels slightly rough again and is presented in a uniform manner. The segment is cleaned by the resulting grinding sludge and the increasingly rounded abrasive grain is washed out. Sharpening properties are restored by exposing the abrasive grain underneath.


VAT incl.

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