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Product facts

If you have a small kitchen and still don’t want to do without the perfect sharpness, there is also a solution. In the compact version, the TYROLIT life Knife Sharpener can be folded up and stowed away in any drawer without any problems. Of course, you do not have to do without the preset sharpening angle of 15 degrees, which characterizes all TYROLIT life Knife Sharpeners. With the compact version, every knife is sharpened again in no time.

Whether for large meat or small vegetable knives, paring knives with a curved blade, cheese or weighing knives – sharpening your knives is also a pleasure with the TYROLIT life Knife Sharpener.

  • 2 different grits (400, 800) ensure perfect sharpness
  • The ideal sharpening angle of 15 degrees is already preset
  • L21cm x W6cm x H4cm (set up 18cm)

Double sharp

In this particularly compact version, you get the knife sharpener with a double-sided precision sharpening stone in different grain sizes. The coarser grit (400) is suitable for coarse grinding, the finer grit (800) for fine grinding and to give the knives a lasting sharpness.

The application

A special innovation distinguishes all TYROLIT life Knife Sharpeners – the preset sharpening angle of 15 degrees. This enables professional sharpening for everyone in a jiffy and without effort. For an optimal sharpening result, dampen the stones before use. Hold the knife at a right angle to the base surface.

The cutting edge points downwards. Make sure that the blade is placed evenly. Apply only gentle pressure. The sharpening movement takes place from top to bottom. Of course, knives can also be sharpened on the lying stone. For an optimal sharpening result, hold the blade at a slight angle (15 degrees).

Care of the knife sharpener

To ensure that you enjoy your knife sharpener for a long time, we recommend using an abrasive fabric. The stones can be roughened again and are therefore effective for a lifetime.


VAT incl.

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