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All In One edge tuning set 88°


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Product facts

Whether winter sports enthusiasts or professional racers – sharp edges that provide good grip even on icy surfaces are ultimate in fun and success on the slopes. With our high-quality 10-piece edge tuning set, ski and snowboard edges can be processed individually and effectively. Two stainless steel files, three ceramic files and two elastic files ensure sharp edges when used with the stainless steel angle. The combi file is the ideal companion for on-the-go and the edge rubber is suitable for rust removal, deburring and cleaning.

  • High quality 10-piece edge tuning set made in Tirol
  • Premium quality
  • Stainless steel angle 88°
  • Microscopically tested and analyzed Link
  • All products can also be purchased individually

Stainless steel files

The two stainless steel files are used for pre-processing ski and snowboard edges. They ensure high material removal and precise application of the edge angle. The coarse file is a sharp and durable set-up file and is suitable for pre-processing badly damaged edges or preparing a new edge angle. The fine file is a second-cut file for processing worn edges and preparing fine tuning using TYROLIT life ceramic and elastic files. They are used with the TYROLIT life stainless steel angle.

The stainless steel files can be purchased separately here.


Ceramic files

Edge chipping is removed with the three handmade TYROLIT life ceramic files. They are also suitable for sharpening and smoothing the edge and impart a high and long-lasting surface quality. The coarse file is used to remove hardened edges or large burrs. To protect the stainless steel files, this ceramic file can be used to process particularly damaged edges. The medium file is suitable for removing small burrs, as well as sharpening and fine-tuning the edges. With the fine file you do the fine tuning, namely smoothing and polishing small scratches. It therefore ensures a precise cut. TYROLIT life ceramic files are used with the TYROLIT life stainless steel angle.

The ceramic files can be purchased separately here.


The innovation: Elastic files

TYROLIT life elastic files offer an optimal alternative to conventional diamond files. They are suitable for polishing and fine-tuning the edges. Due to their elasticity, an even contact zone is achieved for all ski radii. The coarse elastic file is suitable for fine polishing the edge surface. It gives the edge an extremely high and long-lasting sharpness. Use the fine file to remove the finest burrs. Elastic files are used with the TYROLIT life stainless steel angle.
The elastic files can be purchased separately here.

Combination files

TYROLIT life combi file is the ideal tool for on the go. The coarse side eliminates edge breakouts while the fine side smoothes the edge. The combi file is used by hand.

The combi file can be purchased separately here.


Edge rubber

This universal abrasive rubber is suitable for removing rust, deburring and cleaning the edge. The TYROLIT life edge rubber is applied by hand.

The abrasive rubber can be purchased separately here.


Stainless steel angle

TYROLIT life stainless steel angle for the ceramic, elastic and stainless steel files enables precise filing for a clean, razor-sharp edge. Available in 87°, 88° and 86°

The stainless steel angle can be purchased separately here.



VAT incl.

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