TYROLIT life elastic files refill set

Elastic files

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TYROLIT LIFE elastic files offer an optimal alternative to conventional diamond files. They are suitable for polishing and fine-tuning the edges. Due to their elasticity, an even contact zone is achieved for all ski radii.

  • 2 different files for effective grinding
  • Used with the TYROLIT LIFE stainless steel angle
  • Microscopically tested and analyzed Link
  • Premium quality
  • Also available in a set
TYROLIT Life Elastikfeilen Fine zum Skikanten schärfen Anwendung

The two elastic files for polishing and perfecting are available in the versions “coarse” and “fine.” The coarser file is suitable for fine polishing the edge surface, the finest burrs are removed with the fine file.

In order to free the pores from metal residues on the edge and to release the abrasive grain, we recommend cleaning from time to time with water, soap and an abrasive paper (400 grit).

TYROLIT Life Elastikfeilen Coarse und Fine

All In One edge tuning set

With the 10-piece edge tuning set, ski edges can be processed individually and effectively. Two stainless steel files, three ceramic files and two elastic files ensure sharp edges when used with the stainless steel angle. The combi file is the ideal companion for on-the-go and the edge rubber is suitable for rust removal, deburring and cleaning.

The set is available here.

TYROLIT Life Produkte im Kantentuning Set

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